Sleepy Hollow 1×01

Sleepy Hollow – A little sleepy at times and a bit hollow too, but worth the watch, just the same!

So it’s officially Wednesday now, but I am happy to report that I finally got to watch the pilot episode of Sleepy Hollow! (Better late than never, right?) Prior to actually tuning in, I hadn’t heard much about the show. I just knew that there were headless horsemen involved and that Ichabod Crane was very easy on the eyes! I ultimately tuned in out of curiosity and ended up being pretty happy with my decision to do so. Sure there were some sleepy parts, a hollow bit or two, but I am still glad that I gave up an hour to try out a new show.

Sleepy Hollow pulls you in from the get go. The opening scenes were well choreographed and they immediately grabbed my attention. When the headless horseman came riding onto the battleground, I became especially intrigued. My attention held throughout the show as people were decapitated and sliced and diced left and right, and mysteries started to build and unravel. Truthfully, the only weak spots I saw were the Abbie and Ichabod “talky” scenes (such as the squad car scene where they chat about seeing a Starbucks on every corner).

**As a side note, I imagine Abbie and Ichabod (“Abbod”/”Ibbie”??) will be paired up romantically on screen, at some point. I imagine they will even collect a sizable fan base but I thought their scenes were a little forced and contrived from the get-go. In fact, the Abbie character is a little too bland for my liking. Katrina, Ich’s “dead” wife, on the other hand, made me sit up and take notice. I don’t know what to make of her character though. Is she good or is she bad? I can’t wait to find out.**

The three main highlights of the ep, for me, were:

  • The unintentional humor of Abbie phoning into the police station in a panic saying “we’ve got an officer down” when by that point, Corbin had no head! “Yes, he’s down,” I wanted to say, “but he’s not getting up again, at least not in this episode!”
  • Any and all Orlando Jones appearances. He usually plays “funny man”-type roles so it was surprisingly cool to see him don a serious attitude and costume. I like the character of Frank Irving already. I think he’s got a secret or two (or five!) and I bet they are juicy!
  • The Horseman discovering modern weaponry! He just picked that shotgun right up and started using it like he’d been practicing at it for so many millennia!

The one BIG question I am left with though? If the Horseman and Ich’s blood was intermingled as Katrina said, does this mean Ich will go over to the dark side at some point? Hopefully we’ll find out in coming episodes!

So to wrap it all up, I will say that while the show had some sleepy moments (see all conversations about Starbucks) and some hollow moments (see all attempts at Abbie and Ichabod “banter”), it’s still worth watching. I am going to stick with it for the foreseeable future.

P.S. According to this website, over 10 million households watched the premiere of Sleepy Hollow! This could end up being a long-running hit show with a very loyal fan base. I know that I’ll keep blogging about SH as long as it holds my interest.

P.P.S. Next week looks really good! I’ve read spoilers and one mentions that Ichabod takes his first bath in two-hundred plus years. Um, heck yeah! Tom Mison is hot. Hot and wet and nekkid, I hope!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for blogging with this TV Tart!



6 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow 1×01

  1. I semi-watched Sleepy Hollow which made for one seriously confused girl. While the show has definite promise, it is one you have to *watch*. Miss a few minutes and someone is likely to end up without a head. 😉

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