Spoiler Sundays #1

We have started a new feature here at TV Tarts. Each Sunday we will be posting spoilers for a variety of TV shows. If we missed one of your favorites, comment below and we’ll dig up spoilers for it next week. Happy watching!

The Blacklist
Monday, NBC – Liz and Red get their undercover on to stop an assassin known as the Freelancer from taking out an Italian target (Guest star: Isabella Rossellini)

Blue Bloods

Friday, CBS – Necessary Roughness veteran Marc Blucas guest stars as a movie actor who is stabbed while on a ride-along with Danny and Marissa.


Monday, FOX – Having taken a short sabbatical from fieldwork after evil Pelant’s last attack, Sweets is back on the job with the grisly case of a gang member found crispy in a burned-out car.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tuesday, FOX – Jake arrests someone without any evidence, then has to race to do all the work he should have done in the first place before the perp’s 48-hour holding period expires.


Monday, ABC – There’s no handbook to help when Castle is exposed to deadly poison that will kill him in 24 hours unless Beckett finds an antidote.

Chicago Fire

Tuesday, NBC – Who’s the daddy? Pregnant Renee is back in town, finally prompting Severide to confront her about her baby’s paternity.


Thursday, FOX – The second half of the Beatle-mania episode finds Tina campaigning for prom queen, and darn it if she doesn’t alienate everyone she loves in the process.

Grey’s Anatomy

Thursday, ABC – Get thee to a shrink! Meredith and Derek finally have some time to spend at home with their newborn son and toddler daughter, but they miss the hustle and bustle of Grey Sloan Memorial.


Monday, CBS – Ellen’s bold move to buy her family more time has captor Duncan seeing red, and if Ellen doesn’t start toeing the line, the red they’ll all see might be blood.

How I Met Your Mother

Monday, CBS – Now that we’ve met the mother, we can turn our attention back to the impending wedding – and the arrival of Barney’s and Robin’s relatives, including Barney’s awesome brother James (Guest star: Wayne Brady)

Law & Order: SVU

Wednesday, NBC – A celebrity chef (Guest star: Cybill Shepherd) claims she was merely defending herself when she shot and killed an unarmed teen in this racially charged mash-up of the Paula Deen and George Zimmerman imbroglios.

The Middle

Wednesday, ABC – Brick, terrified of falling victim to the sixth-grade swirly, avoids the bathroom for the entire first day of middle school.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Tuesday, CBS – Hetty calls in a favor from operational psychologist Nate Getz as traumatized agents Sam and Deeks prepare to return to the field.

The  Neighbors

Friday, ABC – Jackie – who’s been secretly moonlighting as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant – invites her boss home for a family dinner that promises to be out of this world.

Parks and Recreation

Thursday, NBC – Our brave Pawneeans cross into enemy territory (ie. neighboring town Eagleton) to discuss policy with Leslie’s counterpart (Guest star: Kristen Bell)

Person of Interest

Tuesday, CBS – Finch brings in a big gun – butt-kicking Samantha Shaw – to help Reese protect an antiprivacy Internet entrepreneur whose personal life is being hacked online.

Sean Saves the World

Thursday, NBC – Sean Hayes stars as a divorced gay dad whose daughter moves in full-time and whose mom is a full-time pain in the posterior. SERIES PREMIERE.

Sons of Anarchy

Tuesday, FX – You lie down with dogs, you get fleas. You tick off the IRA, Iranian baddies and the entire town of Charming, you suffer a bloody attack at your own clubhouse.

Super Fun Night

Wednesday, ABC – Kimmie and her two best pals have spent the last 13 years’ worth of Friday nights enjoying being homebodies. But when Kimmie’s cute new coworker asks her to come out with the office crew on a Friday, they decide to try something different. SERIES PREMIERE.


Tuesday, DISNEY – Teen Maddie is not a wolf, not yet a woman in this British import. She’s a “wolfblood”, with super speed, super strength and glowing eyes. And she’s not alone, either, as she soon discovers. SERIES PREMIERE.


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