Betrayal 1×2

If you read my post last week, you know Betrayal and I got off to a rocky start.  As much as I wanted desperately to fall in the love with the show, I was, at best, a little smitten.  I had high hopes for this second episode and, although it wasn’t perfect, it certainly was an improvement from the pilot.

Just a couple of things…

I don’t really need to watch Sara strip.  That might work for the male audince, but it doesn’t work for me.  Also, I’m more than a little disturbed by how happily Sara seems to remember her tryst with Jack.  Your uh…husband…is in the other room.  I understand life is complicated and everyone can make a mistake, but making this look like some kind of Sleepless in Seattle moment just doesn’t quite work for me.

At least Jack isn’t smiling about his betrayal.  I can handle his late night jogging session a little better…well…until he texts his little harlot and informs her that he can’t stop thinking about her.  Really, Jack?  Really?  You send a text message?  Why not just leave a written trail of clues.  You might be the worst cheating spouse I’ve ever seen….not that there is a best, but still.

Sara, honey–throwing the bra away doesn’t change the identity of the man you let take it off.

You gotta love the way people respond to Thatcher.  “We’re gonna need this room.”, the room magically clears.  Now that’s power.

Henry Thomas really is a phenomenal actor.  Watching TJ struggle with his own limitations as his father is clearly struggling as well is heartbreaking.

I must have missed my calling.  I need to be an informant.  Jack just loves handing out hundreds.

So Jack decides to come rolling in home and his wife is waiting for him.  Wendy Moniz is gorgeous as always and I’m so ready to see what they have in store for this character.  She clearly isn’t a fan of the Karsten family drama.

The Karsten kids join the mix to add to the family fun and this should provide the final element for an enjoyable happy, family moment.  Except it doesn’t–because this isn’t supposed to be a happy family.  That’s the issue.  I can’t figure out Jack–I can’t get why he and Elaine aren’t happy.  She seems to love him.  He seems to love her.  Why does he want out?  The writers need to give me a reason.  I’m clearly supposed to want Sara and Jack to be together, so you’ve got to give me a reason to dislike Elaine.  Last night’s episode just made me feel so incredibly sad for her.  She loves her husband and wants his time and attention.  Is that her crime?

I also enjoyed watching Wendy Moniz and James Cromwell together.  I’ve long been a fan of Moniz’ work and watching her go  head to head with Cromwell was great.  She can hold her own and, if the writers allow, she can rock whatever storyline they give her.

I have to give high marks to the writers for making us believe Sara was going to meet Jack.  I’d feel a lot better about the whole situation if I didn’t recognize the outfits they were wearing as the ones from all the promos of them kissing in trains.  <sigh>

All in all, the show isn’t perfect, but it’s interesting and I’m interested enough to stick with it for the long haul….if for no other reason than to see someone put a bullet into Sara!  🙂

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One thought on “Betrayal 1×2

  1. Delicious commentary, my friend. I am very eager to watch if only for Wendy Moniz and to have something to rant with you about. These are great write-ups! I am planning to do 2-3 reviews this week myself so hopefully we can get this blog hopping! You deserve to have comments on your hardwork. Great job.

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