Trophy Wife – An Overview of the First 3 Episodes



While I was busy with real life or maybe, just off twiddling my thumbs, Trophy Wife somehow managed to air 3 episodes already. I finally got a chance to watch those episodes today so I’m going to do a review of all of them in one sort of jumbled up post. I will say that I don’t know exactly what I was expecting of the sitcom before I actually watched it, but it wasn’t exactly this…


Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? AKA, the first episode of Trophy Wife. Truth be told, the first episode was pretty bland – to the point of almost being completely not worth talking about. I’m not even going to lie here. It turns out that all of the sorta funny and charming parts we had already seen because they all played out in the promo. The rest – aka the other seventeen minutes of the pilot – were just so blah! The characters showed little depth (I still don’t know half of their names; they are just that unmemorable!), the pace was slow, and call me crazy, but I don’t find gruesome hamster deaths funny. Like, at all. We were given about a two-second look at Kate and Pete’s courtship (for lack of a better word), and then that was it. I really can’t figure out why he married her – I mean, other than the fact that she’s a gorgeous “piece of real estate”. As for her attraction to him? Well that honestly mystifies me the most. Was she looking for a sugar daddy? A substitute father? Did she just love his eyes? We don’t know! We simply weren’t shown. And going into the third episode, we still know very little about them other than their names and their occupations (he’s a lawyer; she’s a trophy wife, of course – aka jobless). Of course I don’t need to know everything at the starting gate; I don’t need the writers to hit us over the head with a major back-story right away, but come on now – give us something to work with here. Help explain what drew these two pathetic souls together, and what holds them together now. At least tell us if their sex life is good! Lol Just give us a reason to care about them. Please.


Okay … Now, at this point, as tempted as I was to just skip right over the next two episodes after that first piss-poor showing, I kept on. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment?! I do know that I liked the majority of the actors already. And I kept thinking it’s going to get better. It just has to get better.


And episode 2 was better. Slightly. The writing was a little less contrived anyway and it showcased the immense talents of the little boy who plays Albert aka Bert aka The Bertster. He’s freaking great! In fact, I have heard more than one person say that he’s the sole reason they watch the show (of the few people who actually openly admit to watching this, of course lol) He’s funny, energetic, hyper, clever, and just a joy to watch. He is the show’s official scene stealer-slash-future child Emmy winner, I think.


As for the other two kids on the show… Well, much like their parents, they mystify me. Warren seems like a stereotypical big goof and Hilary, she’s just a brat. Speaking of Hilary, they pulled a bait and switch with the actress who played her in episode 1. As in, the first Hilary is finito – as in, off the show! Suddenly Hilary isn’t a cute, willowy blonde but rather a petite brunette played by Bailee Madison. Who is of course in every Disney-related project these days. And who plays exactly the same character in every Disney-related project. I will not actor bash but the change was jarring because I can’t figure out what was wrong with the first Hilary. She didn’t seem so bad, just creatively-unchallenged – much like the other actors in the cast. None of them have exactly gotten a ton of great material to work with. Not even close, to be honest.


And now we’re moving on to episode 3. This I decided was to be the ‘make it or break it’ episode. If I didn’t like it, I was not going to ever watch another episode. Well, episode 3 was better than the first two in some ways but there was very little Bert and well, that is just criminal. I guess we did learn a little about Pete. I figured out that he’s a permissive, nice-guy type parent – until Wife #1 Diane tells him how its gunna be. Then he dances to the beat of her drummer. And by contrast, we learned that Diane’s a megalomaniac who “catfishes” to keep her kids in line. Alrighty then…


We also saw more of Kate’s friendship with that Meg person. What did I learn about Meg? Oh. That she’s as bland, predictable and cardboard as the whole of the series is thus far. Plus, I realized that she’s played by the same actress who went all Glenn Close-y on Liam in the fifth season of 90210. But I digress… Oh and I also learned that she likes booze. That’s all I got for our friend Meg. But why Kate is friends with her, I haven’t a friggin’ clue. Because I don’t know anything about Kate nor do I care about Kate. She’s the titular character and there’s just nothing about her that draws me in or makes me want to keep coming back for more episodes. I do like Malin Akerman though. I always have (she’s the new, highly improved Cameron Diaz in my mind) but this role of hers is just going nowhere fast. In fact, the whole show is going nowhere fast. I want it to get better. I honestly do. I want it to be amazing because Marcia Gay-Harden, Bradley Whitford, and Malin are faves of mine and because Bert is just so damn great. But it’s not amazing and I am not sure it ever will be amazing. It’s watchable, I guess. I mean, it is a quick half hour distraction from your life that you don’t have to over think… But as a person with a limited amount of free time, I know that I need a fairly good reason to keep tuning in week after week, investing my time and my patience in this show.


Now I told you already that episode 3 was the do-or-die episode for me; that I would decide after I watched it if I would ever watch again. Well, sorry but you’re going to have to check back with me next week because I’ve decided after everything to give it yet still one more chance. Seriously, one last chance though. I mean it this time. (Marcia Gay-Harden, I blame your fabulousness for entrapping me into viewing again! Lol)


All I can say is that Episode 4 better be off the charts epic or Trophy Wife can just go the way of many other forgettable sitcoms that came before it – into complete oblivion. I am giving the writers one more chance to make me care about these characters and this show in general! ONE CHANCE. Please don’t blow it!


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