Mysteries of Laura makes its debut


The new NBC show Mysteries of Laura opens with a high-speed chase. Laura (the titular character, played by the always stellar Will and Grace alum, Debra Messing) climbs out of her filthy (and I do mean filthy!) car and hurries down the street to catch a nameless criminal. Guns are drawn, chaos ensues, and an earlobe is tragically and gruesomely lost in the debacle. Almost immediately, we get a clear picture of who Laura is – a cynical, lovable mess. She’s an absolute train wreck and that’s what makes the show hard to turn away from. Messing’s character (and her talented co-stars) will no doubt be the draw that brings people back every week to watch a rather predictable (I mean, I knew who the killer was 5 minutes in!), schlocky show.

We soon learn that Laura has twin boys who can only justifiably be called demons (I kid you not, these children are of the devil!); an affable, if misguided ex-husband (played by the super-sexy and delicious Josh Lucas), and a whole host of problems. She is great undercover, has a brilliant mind for crime-solving, and is a devout mother but she’s got issues. Issues that should be fun to explore over the course of the season. Will Laura completely unravel under the pressure of her chaotic life? I admit it; I do look forward to finding out.

To be honest, Mysteries of Laura is far from rocket-science. We’ve seen this cop-show/harried-woman-police-officer formula a hundred times over, but it’s the characters and actors on the show that make it shine. Hopefully, it will be a true success because NBC needs a hit show like this couch potato needs to lose fifty pounds. I kind of doubt that the show will set the world on fire, but at the same time, I am certainly willing to give the show and OCD-Laura another chance. I actually look forward to next week’s episode and seeing what new tragedies will face our crazy, oddly dressed, junk-food loving heroine.

Did you watch the debut of Mysteries of Laura? Please be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the comments below. Thank you!