Grey’s Anatomy 11×1 — Its Gunna Be a Bumpy Ride


Well, well, well. Grey’s Anatomy has returned for an eleventh season. Hands up if you actually thought it would last this long. I certainly didn’t. How will Shonda and Co. keep things kicking? Of course, I had to tune in and find out; especially since I heard that they were introducing Ellis and Richard’s long-lost lovechild –finally! (We all knew one was out there, didn’t we?) I had basically stopped watching after they killed off my beautiful George O’Malley (senselessly, might I add) so I still have a lot to learn about the “new” Grey’s. This could definitely end up being one of the tensest seasons yet.

I still can’t believe that Yang is gone! She was a staple of the show. Apparently no one else can believe Cristina’s not around anymore either because she was brought up quite a bit in this episode. Of course Meredith is missing her bff and Owen is missing his ex-wife. Meredith is making Alex (who has turned into quite the standup guy of late!) into her new ‘person’. It is already tons of fun to watch. I can’t help but wonder if they might cross the lines of friendship at some point. Call me crazy, but I see some serious chemistry between Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers. As much as I already love Jo and Alex, I wouldn’t mind a little line-blurring for “MerAlex”, especially now that “MerDer” are on the rocks yet again. I always preferred Derek with Addison anyway. It’s just too bad that she’s off somewhere getting her start as a “bad judge” (wink, wink).

Speaking of ‘ships’, I still can’t believe that Callie and Arizona are together! I know they have loads of fans, but Arizona just comes off as so damned annoying, judgmental and flighty (and not in a good way). How many times can she leave my girl Callie twisting in the wind before all their rootablity as a couple is completely lost? Not that I ever rooted for them. Torres and Mark Sloan were meant to be in my book, and if they couldn’t be together, then Erica Hahn was another great option. I still curse the day Arizona roller-skated her way through the doors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (I still want to call it Seattle Grace. Is that wrong?). She’s just so flipping irritating. The most irritating character ever …. Or so I thought… Until Maggie Pierce showed up…

Maggie is Ellis and Richard’s love child (or so she says), making her Meredith’s third (or is it fourth?) half-sister. She’s no Lexie Grey, that’s for sure. Maggie is pushy, intrusive, obsessive, and irritating (yeah I already said that, but it bears repeating). I was so excited about Mer’s sibling showing up one day but I am sad that Maggie is that sibling. She completely rubs me the wrong way. I hope Mer remains cold to her for a long time, even after the inevitable “OMG, you’re my sister?!” moment to come. It will take me awhile to warm up to her too, that’s for sure. There’s something borderline creepy about her and I hate to say it, but the actress playing her is kind of weak so far. Not very impressive or charismatic at all. I know that she’s a newbie but she will have to work hard to play on the same field as acting greats like Sara Ramirez, Patrick Dempsey, Kevin McKidd, and even Pompeo herself – who has grown tremendously as an actress since her “Pick me, choose me” days of yore.

Now what Grey’s critique would be complete without touching on the patients’ stories? That’s part of what makes it a medical show, right? There were three separate lives on the line in this episode and I am pleased to say two of the three patients got happy endings. The one who didn’t was survived by a wife and the cutest little boy who brought tears to my eyes when he said he missed his dad already and was sad that he’d never see him again. Grey’s has always done heartbreaking, angst-ridden scenes so well  -when they played the full beats of a story, that is.

Truth be told, despite showing some signs of wear in its “old age”, Grey’s is in good shape. Season 11 is off to a great start. It seems the writers are going back to the roots of the show – telling compelling stories about the doctors. It’s not just about who’s boning who anymore. Character-driven stories triumph over plot-point writing every time. I am hopeful for an awesome season. I am going along for the ride, for now. I think I’d better buckle my seatbelt though! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Sneak Peek at…



You know that moment when you watch a show and you just know you’ve going to love this one.   Sadly, for me at least, that moment is usually followed by immediate cancellation.  If I love a show–really love it–it’s doomed.  My track record is scary…really.

Having said that, I’m cautiously optimistic about Forever.  It’s that good.  Think NYPD/Once Upon a Time/Sherlock Holmes.

The main character is Dr. Henry Morgan played by the uber yummy Ioan Gruffudd.  I don’t recognize him, but he’s talented, gorgeous, and he’s got a fantastic accent.

It turns out Dr. Morgan has a bit of secret.  He’s been alive for a really long time (200 years to be exact) mainly because he can’t die despite the fact that he manages to get killed a lot.

His predicament lands him in some interesting situations, so it’s understandable that he needs a confidante…someone he can talk to and lean on in times of trouble.  Enter Abe, Henry’s “Fairy Godfather” if you will.  We find out some interesting info about Abe towards the end of the show, but I won’t spoil it for those of you that haven’t seen the episode yet.

Dr. Morgan isn’t as happy about his immortality as you’d expect him to be and he spends a rather large chunk of his time working to determine how to break his curse.  When he’s not working his day job as the medical examiner for New York City, he holes up under Abe’s Antique Shop keeping records of his brushes with death.

Remember when I said this show was part NYPD…well, you need a cop for that and that cop comes in the form of Detective Jo Martinez.  We find out a bit about Jo throughout this episode, but most importantly we find out she’s become a bit suspicious of, and possibly taken with, Dr. Morgan.

The good doctor has managed to get himself involved in a train crash.  Everyone on board died (except him of course) which makes him the main suspect.  Luckily for the immortal Dr. Morgan, he’s not just a pretty face.  He’s also very, very observant.

Pretty woman on train- “You see a lot.”

Dr. Morgan- “I’ve seen a lot.”

Uh huh.

The show moves quickly.  Dr. Morgan works to  clear his name and quickly forges a friendship with Jo.  They team up to find the real killer and all is going along swimmingly until the cryptic phone calls start coming.

Someone knows Dr Morgan’s secret and they share his curse.


Before show’s end, Dr. Morgan dies a few more times, Jo comes close to death, and we learn a little more about Dr. Henry Morgan’s beginnings courtesy of some well-placed flashbacks.

The show ends with some, all too appropriate dialogue.

“Henry, Are you ok?”

“I’ll survive.

Let’s hope so.  This show has the makings of a real winner.